Agile Coaching Team

Organizations that transition to Agile do so mainly because they want the productivity and innovation which Agile promises.  

However, to realize the promises of Agile, it takes more than just training teams and individuals. Even with full training, individuals and self-organized teams don’t just immediately appear and reach acceptable agility.

High performing Agile teams and organizations need qualified Agile Coaches to help achieve greater levels of agility to become a truly Agile organization.  

Agile coaches successfully guide organizations through adoption and maturity. They serve as an advisor, mentor, and trainer along with having other relevant competencies. They facilitate diverse stakeholder discussions, challenge the status quo and lead by example.  

Scrum Adventures Agile Coaching team infographic can be used to provide a concise but detail-level visual description of an Agile Coaching team’s purpose and responsibility. The outcome is a clearer understanding by the organization of what can be expected from an Agile Coaching team. 

Agile Coaching Team: Infographic

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