About CaDoMi™ Programs

Our Programs and Products are an outcome from self-discovery during the CaDoMi™ Agile Transformation. Scrum Adventures has created several Programs and Products formed as the results of various experiences and learnings that our coaches have attained over the many years of providing coaching, mentoring, and training solutions. Some of the Programs and Products available are as follows: Features Planning Program, Agility Metrics Program, Impediment Escalation Framework, Forming An Agile Team, Agile Sprint Health Reporting Guideline, Webinar Course Catalog, Agile Blog Catalog, Customized Training, and the often requested CA&T™ Game.


Agile Coaching Team

Agile Sprint Health

Agility Metrics Program

Impediment Escalation Framework

Features Planning Program

Agile Coaching Program

Value Reporting Program


Team Development Model

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