About CaDoMi™

Let us be your Agile guide

We recognize that for an organization to be Agile, it must be able to move quickly and be flexible in a fast-changing environment. The organization must embrace a culture of self-organization and collaboration based on the Agile Manifesto’s values.  

In order to accomplish a transformation to an Agile culture, we have developed CaDoMi™. CaDoMi™ is a scaled agile transformation framework that guides your organization from their current state towards agility. This is done by establishing enterprise-wide agile teams, forming agile leaders, and measuring progress along the agile journey. 

CaDoMi™ Ecosystem

We understand that each organization’s transformation journey is unique. Thus, we created the CaDoMi™ Ecosystem as an adaptable and customizable framework consisting of Teams, Programs and Products to act as your Agile guide.

CaDoMi™ Teams

A key component of the CaDoMi™ transformation journey is the formation of Agile teams. In total, there are three types of teams, each with specific goals.

  • The Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™) Team is a team comprised of Agile Coaches and organization members. This team works to assess potential transformation areas, determine solutions, and guide the implementation.
  • The Disruptive Self-Organized Group™ (DOG™) Teams are cross-functional and self-organizing teams empowered to deliver shippable product.
  • The Multiple Independent Community of Excellence™ (MICE™) Teams are formed to support the DOG™ Teams. So, each MICE™ Team is constantly researching and implementing solutions to excel the DOG™ Team’s product.

Programs and Products

Programs and Products are an outcome from self-discovery during the CaDoMi™ Agile Transformation. Scrum Adventures has created several Programs and Products formed as the results of various experiences and learnings that our coaches have attained over the many years of providing coaching, mentoring, and training solutions. Some of the Programs and Products available are as follows: Features Planning Program, Agility Metrics Program, Impediment Escalation Framework, Forming An Agile Team, Agile Sprint Health Reporting Guideline, Webinar Course Catalog, Agile Blog Catalog, Customized Training, and the often requested CA&T™ Game.


Our CaDoMi™ Certification Program is recognition and formal confirmation of one’s foundational knowledge and skill-level of the CaDoMi™ Ecosystem as well as having an understanding of the various levels that exist within CaDoMi™. The certification levels are as follows: CaDoMi™ Certified Practitioner (CCP), CaDoMi™ Certified Coach (CCC), CaDoMi™ Certified Leader (CCL), CaDoMi™ Certified Game Master (CCGM), CaDoMi™ Certified Trainer (CCT).

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