CA&T™ Team

CA&T™ (Coaching Assessment and Transformation®)


In order to transform to an Agile culture, Scrum Adventures has developed an approach within the CaDoMi™ framework. Above all, this approach, called Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™), is based on incrementally incorporating adaptive thinking and actions. Certainly this is key to successfully navigating the Agile transition.

CA&T™ Duties

By using the Agile Manifesto as their guide, the CA&T™ Team implements and improves the Agile Journey. Firstly, the CA&T™ Team oversees the formation of the DOG™ and MICE™ teams. Furthermore they assess the product backlog during each sprint. Additionally, they review and analyze CaDoMi™ Programs and Products. They subsequently determine what will be included in the scope of the transformation.

Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™)

Our Values

Becoming More Agile
Inspired by The Agile Manifesto1


Above all, our CA&T™ team prioritizes individual interactions and collaboration over the use of processes and tools. Thus, we believe the key to success lies in the connections we make with our clients.


We have found that the pitfalls of development lie in the amount of preparation and planning that goes into it. Therefore, CA&T™ emphasizes spontaneous incremental innovation over pre-planned development.


Of course, our priority is our clients. That is, that they reap the full benefits of what CaDoMi™ has to offer. Therefore, through CA&T™, customer collaboration and well-being replaces contractual negotiation.


Overall, CA&T™ acknowledges and values the ever-changing creative process. Further, CA&T™ emphasizes the importance of thinking on your feet and adjusting to the obstacles found on the course to development.

The CA&T™ Cycle

How We Come Together

First, the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® approach kicks off with a combined team of our Agile Coaches and your organization’s members collaborating to identify areas in need of transformation. Next is to build shippable product(s). Finally, determine an initial customized transformation scope to help your organization start on its way to develop its company culture.

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The initial Sprint Cycle will begin with a half-day Ideation Workshop. During this stage, Agile Coaches will provide your organization’s members with the tools to identify which organizational areas need refining. Following this, the outcome of the Ideation Workshop is used to build User Stories into a Product Backlog. For instance, common topics are people, roles, process, training, certifications, executive buy-in, and more. 

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Assessment Sprint

During the Assessment Sprint, the team will follow the Sprint Cycle framework to build an initial set of “shippable products”. Overall the Assessment Sprint will take place for 2 weeks with the Scrum Master facilitating Daily Scrum meetings. After the Assessment Sprint Cycle, the product stakeholders will review and analyze the shippable products to determine which one(s) will be included in the scope of the Transformation. For example, shippable products commonly include coaching recommendations, training approach, teaming arrangements, and executive re-tooling. 

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Transformation Sprint

Once the scope is determined after completion of the Assessment Sprint, the team will continue onto the Transformation Sprint. Subsequent Scrum meetings will be held to build on the shippable product(s) yielded by the Assessment Sprint and further create “incremental” shippable products. Following this, either incremental Transformation or Assessment Sprints can continue. Moreover, the number of sprints is open-ended and is determined as the product is produced. Through this process, the Assessment Product Backlog is refined based on the feedback from the Transformation Sprints. In other words, Scrum Adventurers will use Scrum to assess the current state of the transformation.

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Once your organization has received sufficient training, you are then ready to use your own Scrum Master(s) and Product Owner(s), which the Scrum Adventure Coaches could help provide. During the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® approach, your organization transforms and finds its own culture. The Scrum Adventure Coaches will work with you on how to find your way.

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