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Agile Transformation

Scrum Adventures knows that for an organization to be Agile, it must be able to move quickly and exist in a flexible, fast changing environment. In order to transform to an Agile culture, Scrum Adventures has developed a proven Agile transformation solution toolkit, known as CaDoMi™. CaDoMi™ is a scaled agile transformation framework that guides your organization from their current state towards agility. This is done by establishing enterprise-wide agile teams and forming agile leaders. In addition, it measures your progress along the agile journey. 

CaDoMi™ Teams

The teams that make up the CaDoMi™ framework are intentionally designed to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

The CA&T™ Team implements and improves the Agile Journey by acting as journey guides.

The self-organizing DOG™ team is comprised of the skills necessary to deliver product.

The MICE™ team facilitates streamlining and is constantly researching ways to excel the DOG™ teams’ work.

By creating natural levels of communication and cooperation, your organization’s transformation to being more Agile is attainable through the CaDoMi™ framework. Each team’s goals compound the others, allowing for quick, achievable results.

CaDoMi™ Programs


Agile Coaching Team

Agile Sprint Health

Agility Metrics Program

Impediment Escalation Framework

Feature Planning Program

Agile Coaching Program

Value Reporting Program

Team Development Model

CaDoMi™ Certifications

CaDoMiTM Certified Practitioner

CaDoMiTM Certified Coach

CaDoMiTM Certified Leader

CaDoMiTM Certified Game Master

CaDoMiTM Certified Trainer

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