MICE™ Team

MICE™ (Multiple Innovative Communities of Excellence™) Team

The MICE™ Goal

The main function of the MICE™ team is to support the DOG™ teams. The MICE™ team assists in streamlining and is constantly researching ways to excel the DOG™ teams’ work. Dedicated experts, known as MICE™ coaches, are matched with members of the DOG™ teams. Together, they form the MICE™ team, and provide organizational support and product excellence.

Multiple Innovative Communities of Excellence™ (MICE™)

Our Advantages

Specialized Skills | Organic Cross-Team Communication


Every member of the MICE™ team is a specialist in their field pertaining to the goals of the DOG™ team. The MICE™ team then gives necessary consultation and expertise to their DOG™ counterparts.


Like the DOG™ team, the MICE™ team is adaptive and responsive to the ever-changing sprint cycle. Likewise, they are always readily available to assist their DOG™ teammates despite the changing tides.


The MICE™ team is responsible for providing the DOG™ team the necessary resources to deliver their best work. Therefore, this team is always evolving and is defined by forward-thinking abilities.


Overall, the MICE™ team works together to direct and assist their DOG™ teammates. Although they are a part of various fields, they work as one to expertly communicate information to the DOG™ team.

How Our MICE™ Team Operates

What We Do

Elements of the MICE™ Team

MICE™ Team Members

The MICE™ team is made up of dedicated experts, known as MICE™ coaches as well as members from the DOG™ teams. This team has three key responsibilities: Grow their expertise, understand the DOG™ Teams’ needs, and provide mentoring and coaching based on their expertise.

The MICE™ team works together to research new and innovative principles that can be applied to the work done by their respective DOG™ teams.

MICE™ team members are always looking for ways to increase the increments their DOG™ team puts out. Therefore, MICE™ coaches conduct targeted research and uncover solutions. The MICE™ team stays in touch with the DOG™ teams to address areas that need improvement or areas that they feel are lacking.

Experts in their field, MICE™ coaches help the DOG™ teams apply the knowledge and techniques brought in by the MICE™ members. They work closely to guide, teach, and correct for any mistakes being made during product development.

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