CaDoMi Certifications

CaDoMiTM Certified Practitioner

Demonstrates that one has the experience, education and competence about the CaDoMi™ Agile Transformation Ecosystem Toolkit.

CaDoMiTM Certified Coach

Senior agile coach who is able to use the CaDoMi™ Agile Transformation Ecosystem Toolkit consisting of programs, products and games to grow agile teams, mentor individual team members and advise managers/leaders.

CaDoMiTM Certified Leader

An agile leader who is certified to use the CaDoMi™ Agile Transformation Ecosystem Toolkit to help drive organizational change and act as a key champion to build an effective Agile organization.

CaDoMiTM Certified Game Master

An agile leader who has achieved certification to use CaDoMi™ games and activities to help facilitate agile learnings and team growth while supporting the mindset, values, principles, and practices of agile.

CaDoMiTM Certified Trainer

Professional trainer who has fulfilled the criteria for being an experienced CaDoMi™ Certified Trainer (CCT) and is allowed to teach the suite of CaDoMi™ certified courses.