Agile and Scrum Bootcamp


Agile & Scrum Bootcamp
9AM – 2PMFriday

Message from General Assembly:

The well-being of our employees, students, clients, instructors, and guests is our number one priority here at General Assembly. We are monitoring COVID-19 very carefully and are adjusting delivery of our programs.

Due to the current health concerns, all GA short-form events, workshops & bootcamps will temporarily be held online – including this one.

Registered participants will be notified 24 hours in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the Zoom Meeting Room and other tools you’ll need for the session. Registration for this offering will close 2 hours prior to the session start in order to allow all students ample opportunity to have the technology enabled.


Scrum is used extensively, but not exclusively, in web and software development. Everyone from developers to business execs are now expected to know how to work using Scrum, but few are taught it and many struggle along with misinformed ideas. This Agile and Scrum training will cover the main principles and ideas underpinning Agile and why using Scrum is the best way to run certain projects. Through games, hands-on practice and project simulations, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how to use Scrum on a day-to-day basis.

Learners may receive 4 SEUs / 4 PDUs upon completing this course.

Sherman Gomberg

Sherman Gomberg founded Scrum Adventures as an opportunity to enrich others. Sherman has over 25 years of experience with SCRUM, AGILE and PROJECT MANAGEMENT while providing COACHING and CONSULTING services for various industries. Sherman is CSM, A-CSM, CSPO, CSD, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, S@S, ICP-ACC, Training from the BACK of the Room, PMP certified, and holds a BS in Computer Science. He is passionate about training those so they can help others.


This Agile and Scrum Bootcamp is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about Agile and Scrum. Knowledge on how to use Scrum is particularly important to those involved in web development, software engineering and business development, but it isn’t limited to the tech industry


This is a class for beginners and those with some experience of Scrum. No prior knowledge is required.

It is beneficial to have read the “Scrum Guide” on prior to class.

  • Scrum Overview – the basics, what are the roles
  • Empirical Process – inspect, adapt with transparency
  • User Story and Epics – making them valuable
  • Product Backlog – what do we want to do
  • Definition of Ready – what can the team commit to
  • Prioritization – how do we get started, in what order
  • Release Planning – valuable shippable product
  • Story Points – estimate with fun
  • Working Agreement – disruptive self-organized groups
  • Definition of Done – yes, it’s shippable
  • Sprint Planning – making team commitment
  • Sprint Backlog – working the team commitment
  • Sprint Burndown – how are we doing
  • Daily Scrum – sharing commitments and impediments
  • Sprint Review – show off / demonstration
  • Retrospective – making improvements
  • Product Shipment – it’s all about the product

Why Scrum Adventures?

Real World Scenarios

Team and Role Based Activities

Energy and Enthusiasm


Credits Earned

This course earns 4 PDUs

This course earns 4 Scrum Education Units (SEU®) with Scrum Alliance®. SEUs can be used for earning and renewing your CSP®, CEC, and or CST®.

Scrum Education Units
Earning SEUs and Renewing Certifications