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Nine Ways We’re Making Virtual Training More Fun

  1. Two Trainers leading our courses.
  2. Fun virtual backgrounds!

Use Scrum Values During This Time

I want to reach out to ask how you’re doing, and to ask if there’s anything we can help you with? Our team is here to help! 

Expansion to Sacramento!

The year started off with an expansion to Sacramento, CA where I’m performing as an Enterprise Agile Coach for the California Department of Social Services.They embraced the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® solution and now have CA&T™, MICE™ and DOG™ teams.

Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™)

By following the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™) solution, we are able to coach, train, mentor, guide and facilitate leaders as they grow into Coaches.

Scrum brings value to our workplace and our homes

We constantly refine our product backlog of life, learn new things along the way, and embrace constant feedback from those around us.

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