Remote Sunrise

Summer Internship 2022

We learned Jira, Canva, Mural, Teams, Figma, Django, TestProject, DrawSQL.



We used Jira’s platform for the creation of user stories. Moving stories from To-Do to In-Progress to Done within our Sprints, all while providing evidence that matched our Acceptance Criteria.


We utilized Canva’s platform for our Volunteer Project. We made Get Well cards that will be distributed to the Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach, CA


We utilized Mural’s Platform to conduct Ideation sessions, in addition to performing our Sprint Retrospectives weekly.


We used Microsoft Teams as a way to communicate, in addition to managing, scheduling and removing meetings to conduct our Scrum Events.


We utilized Figma’s Platform as a way to design flow, prototype iteration, and help visualize our ideas that we wanted to implement into CaDoMi™ Tools.
We learned about Django and Django’s Admin Panel. Django is the backend language we used for our platform, so having an admin panel to perform administrator work is extremely helpful.
We utilized as a way to test our newly built pieces of functionality.
We used DrawSQL’s Platform as a way to help discover how we would like to build out our platform’s database configuration.

We launched the Enterprise Membership Tier on the CaDoMi™ Tools Platform.

Some of What Was Made

Enterprise Membership Tier

We launched the Enterprise Membership Tier on our platform. This new piece of functionality will help Teams, Organizations, and Businesses identify areas of improvement.


A piece of functionality that allows you to Invite Members to your Organization

Rubric View

A piece of functionality that allows you to switch between a Personal View or a Team View on the Agility Metrics Tool located on our platform.

Volunteer Project
Get Well Cards

Volunteer Project

Volunteer Project

We used Canva to design Get-Well Soon Cards for our Summer 2022 Volunteer Project, that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach, CA
Here is our Volunteer Project printed out on 7×5″ cards.

Training and Certifications


Certified Scrum Developer:

In our first week of our Internship, we attended the Certified Scrum Developer Training and became Certified through Scrum Alliance. We learned about Agile Principles, the Scrum Framework, Test Driven Development, and what makes a Team.

We learned how to implement and use the Scrum Framework and be Agile.

Meet Our Team

Jefferson Decopain
Kevin Ho
Uma Shankar
Griffin McManus
Griffin McManus