Quarantine Style!

Space Dinos

Summer Internship 2020

We learned Jira, Canva,
Mural, and Microsoft Teams.


All our graphics (including the ones on this page) were made with Canva


Adding images, sticky notes, icons, rotate icons and pictures


Making user stories, provide evidence, moving user stories through, and starting and ending Sprints.

Google Teams:

Social distancing, but still able to be social.

We made a website and Kirk made an app.

Some of What Was Made

The App

Kirk created a whole new amazing app for estimating user stories and communicating virtually. Gabby created beautiful graphics for the app.

The Website

We made a website for CaDoMi, and then ported over the Scrum Adventures website into one big happy website.

Ashlynne compiled tons of analytics

Her Amazing Work

We made logos and graphics.


All our graphics were made with Canva

We learned how to navigate GoDaddy, WordPress, and WooCommerce among many other plugins.

Some Of Our Plugins

We learned how to implement and use the Scrum Framework and be Agile.

Most importantly we had fun!

Meet Our Team

Ashlynne Thennarasu

Zella Stewart

Ally Ellerstein

Kirk Cabrera

Gabby Trinh-Williams