Quarantine Style!


Winter Internship 2021

We learned Jira, Canva,
Mural, Mailchimp, Google Ads and Biz Dev.


All our graphics (including the ones on this page) were made with Canva


Adding images, sticky notes, icons, rotate icons and pictures


Making user stories, provide evidence, moving user stories through, and starting and ending Sprints.


Google Ads:

Biz Dev:

We launched the toolbox onto the Apple Store! While adding and maintaining functionality for the Google Store.

Some of What Was Made

The App

An amazing app with updated functionality for estimating user stories and communicating virtually, click here for Apple, here for Google.

The Website

We made a website for CaDoMi, a platform that will contain tools and games to help teams and individuals.

The marketing team compiled tons of analytics

Their Amazing Work

We made logos and graphics.


All our graphics were made with Canva

We learned how to navigate GoDaddy, WordPress, and Hustle among many other plugins.

Some Of Our Plugins

We learned how to implement and use the Scrum Framework and be Agile.

Meet Our Team

Brandon Hunter

Efaz Hossain

Efaz Hossain

Julie Franco

Griffin McManus

Griffin McManus

Patricia Worth

Vivek Patel

Akash Radadiya