Summer Internship 2023

We learned Jira, Canva, Mural, Teams, Dart, Flutter



We used Jira to manage our Sprints. Utilizing Sprint Planning, we created a plan for the week and sized our stories according to the perceived difficulty of each story.


We used Canva when designing icons for a new feature called the Scrum Events Timebox on the Scrum Adventure Toolbox which is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Learned how to use Mural to mock up a representation of future features for the CaDoMi website to our Stakeholders.


We used Microsoft Teams to communicate, and facilitate meetings for the Scrum Events such as Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospective, and Sprint Reviews.

Dart / Flutter:

We learned mobile development using Dart / Flutter framework. We used Android Studio to update and build the Scrum Events Timebox feature into the Scrum Adventures Toolbox.

We launched the Enterprise Dashboard in CaDoMi tools, & Scrum Events Timebox in Scrum Adventures Toolbox

Some of What Was Made

CaDoMi Tools – Enterprise Dashboard

We launched the Enterprise Dashboard on our platform. This new piece of functionality will help Organizations see how well their Teams are performing on a per Sprint basis, showcasing their velocity trends per capacity, on a beautiful interactive chart.

Scrum Adventures Toolbox – Scrum Events Timebox

We developed the Scrum Events Timebox, which estimates the duration of each Scrum Event according to your selected Sprint Duration. It can be used as a reference in alignment with the Scrum Guide.

Volunteering at the Long Beach Rescue Mission

Volunteer Project

Long Beach Rescue Mission

We volunteered at the Long Beach Rescue Mission, where we served hot food and prepared boxed meals for residents of the program and homeless people.
Here are the Scrummies preparing meals that were sent out to Veterans!

Training and Certifications


Certified Scrum Developer:

We attended the Certified Scrum Developer Training and became Certified through Scrum Alliance. We learned about Agile Principles, the Scrum Framework, and Test Driven Development.

Advanced Certified Scrum Developer:

We attended the Advanced Certified Scrum Developer Training and will become certified after completing one year of work experience. We collaborated in teams of frontend and backend developers to create a bowling alley game throughout a couple Sprints.

We learned how to implement and use the Scrum Framework and be Agile.

Meet The Scrummies

Tymee Kong, Eva Choudhary, and Gustavo Ruiz