October 2019


CEO Message

So glad you are here! Lots to share. The year started off with an expansion to Sacramento, CA where I’m performing as an Enterprise Agile Coach for the California Department of Social Services. It’s quite empowering to coach the teams as they seek ways to simplify the lives of those providing and receiving social services. They embraced the Coaching Assessment and Transformation® solution and now have CA&T™, MICE™ and DOG™ teams.

A new partnership with General Assembly brings opportunities for me to help in many ways with a diverse audience of learners. From training Agile Coaches to new learners with the Agile and Scrum Bootcamp.

Watch Let’s Talk Agile with Sherman Gomberg – from the Global Scrum Gathering, London, UK 2018

A big shout out as I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with so many in the Scrum community as they guide, mentor and coach me on my journey so I can bring new learnings to all of you. Thank you!

Sherman Gomberg, CEO | Scrum Adventures, Inc.

Games People Play

Scrum Adventures will be serving as a game host at the upcoming Agile Games West. This event focuses on using games to support the mindset, values, principles, and practices of agile. Come play, learn, and grow with us.
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Summer Interns at Work

Each year, Scrum Adventures hires summer interns to introduce Agile / Scrum principles to them and have them actually perform various tasks following the Scrum framework. This past summer, our interns attended Scrum training and applied their learnings to updating the Scrum Adventures website as well as other activities. The website changes were mostly to the Home page and included inserting a Clients & Partners section, adding customer testimonials, and expanding upcoming training and community information.
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Non-IT Project and Scrum

Recently, Scrum Adventures was chosen to provide Agile / Scrum training, ScrumMaster, and Coaching services for a major Advanced Materials and Specialty Chemicals manufacturing company. What makes this assignment atypical is that this is not an Information Technology (IT) project. The manufacturing company decided to carry out a pilot project following the Scrum framework. A key objective of the project is to evaluate Scrum to determine if the framework can be applied for future non-IT work. The project is currently underway so stay tuned to our next newsletter to find out the results.

Presenting in Vienna

At the next Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna, Austria, Scrum Adventures will present its Coaching Assessment and Transformation® (CA&T™) solution to show how cross-functional teams can move an organization along the path of agility while creating Agile behavior for all those in the transformation process. This presentation is part of the conference’s Enterprise Agility track and is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30th, at 10:45a.
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Take a look at what folks are saying about the various Scrum Adventures training courses that have been held. These courses include but not limited to the following: Certified ScrumMaster® Training, Certified Product Owner® Training, and Certified Scrum Developer® Training. If you’re considering Scrum training, please check out these testimonials.
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Community Service

One of Scrum Adventures core principles is performing community service activities in the Southern California area. This summer, Scrum Adventures volunteered at the Costa Mesa Family Resource Center (FRC) and distributed food to families-in-need. The FRC food distribution service takes place monthly in Newport Beach on the 1st Saturday of each month.
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